Good intentions…

Well my German adventure is over.  I started the trip with some really good intentions in regards to this blog.  It was a test run for my upcoming big trip that starts next month.  I was planning everything around the core concept of documenting my experiences through great images and quirky videos, interspersed with grammatically challenged mashes of words.  Central to this was, yes I say was, my beautiful Panasonic GF1 camera (gf13 for the geeks) with it’s equally stunning 20mm pancake lens.  I had formed a strong bond with my camera, often sleeping with it on the pillow beside me…

After two days of seeing the Berlin sites and taking a heap of photos and videos (which in my humbly opinion where pretty darn good) we went out on an organised pub crawl together.  Somewhere between the King Kong Klub and a Karaoke bar my camera went missing.  Most likely it fell out of my pocket in the cab.  My alternative theory is that everyone was so sick of me taking photos that they conspired together in order to liberate my GF1.  Either way, it is gone.  I wasn’t even that drunk!  My level of drunkenness can easily be gauged visual – are my pants on?

With it gone, my camera not my pants, I surprisingly lost all interest in continuing my blog.  Germany was the trial for my upcoming 4 month trip and on the trial I’d lost my camera within 2 days!  Next trip I’ll have a laptop as well.  I also hadn’t increased my travel insurance yet to include covering an expensive camera, that was next weeks job.

My friend whom I was travelling with suggested that I use my iphone or her point-and-shoot instead.  I couldn’t bring myself to do it, not after working with a GF1 – I’m a snob.  Although I will put up a few shots I took with my iphone.

Next I started to question my reasons for attempting to start this blog in the first place.  If something as simple as not having a sexy camera was reason enough to stop, well…

Time to get ready for a friends drinks, so I’m ending this post prematurely as I haven’t finished that though process yet.

Here is one of my iphone photos of Munich.

As the sun sets over beautiful Munchen



I arrived in Berlin this morning after facing a 3.30am wake up call. I’ve slipped, slid and snoozed my way around the capital today. My brain has been playing catch up all day.

Currently I’m traveling with a good Aussie mate. We dated at ten years of age. My first girlfriend. By age eleven we had gone our separate ways. It was an emotional break up – in fact I think I swapped her for an icypole.

Our choice of hostel has proven both good and bad. Good if you want to come to Berlin and hang out with Australians. Bad for, well…

The current theme for the holiday is trash in snow. Photos will be up next week.